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Kniphofia Dwarf Orange
A great dwarf Kniphofia for near the front of your border, with vibrant orange poker- like flowers in late summer and early autumn. These are held aloft of the green arching strap like leaves. 50cm

Kniphofia Dwarf Orange


Kniphofia Dwarf Orange, a dwarf variety at 50 cm is a great addition to the front or middle of a border, adding a great show of vibrant orange flowers in late summer and early autumn. 

The clump forming green arching strap like leaves are thin, and grass like and add a useful dimension to your border's composition.  However, it is for the erect stems of flowering spikes of numerous tubular orange flowers that this plant is sought after. They are borne well above the foliage on strong stems in an arrangement that leads to the common name of Red hot poker or in this case orange hot! The flowers are not only attractive to us, but bees and butterflies also love them too. If the flower heads are not removed over winter, birds love the seeds, and I often have Bellbirds on my pokers.

Kniphofia Dwarf Orange can be grown in most soils in full sun or partial shade, but its preference would be free-draining sandy soils.






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