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Nepeta govaniana
An unusual tall nepeta from the family commonly known as Catmint, that deserves to be better known. Soft lemon yellow flowers that bloom all summer long and into autumn and pale apple green foliage will compliment the plants that surround it. 100cm

Nepeta govaniana


An unusual member of the nepeta family- commonly known as Catmints- with beautiful pale yellow flowers rather than the typically blue colour.  At 100 cm it is also one of the taller nepetas and people often incorrectly guess that it is a salvia.

N.govaniana is a graceful and charming perennial.  Airy and upright this clump-forming plant produces beautiful tubular, two-lipped flowers of a soft lemon yellow, with a brighter yellow lip. The flowers are borne in interrupted whorls along flower stems, leading the eye from one to the other. The soft colours are captivating in the border, attracting bees and butterflies. The flowers appear from mid-summer all the way into autumn. The foliage is a pale apple green colour, with a distinctive minty aroma released as you brush the leaves. 

Well-Drained soil in full sun or partial shade are its favourite position within your garden. It will, however, cope with light shade and most soils as long as it does not get water-logged. 




Image attribution: peganum

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