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Penstemon Purple Passion
Intense dark purple bell flowers cover this sturdy, easy care penstemon throughout summer and autumn, providing an oomph within your border. 70cm

Penstemon Purple Passion


P.Purple Passion is another hardy Penstemon, which is also generous with its summer flowers. From early summer, right through to autumn, we are graced with scores of showy spires of chubby bell-shaped purple flowers. These spires arise from a sturdy base furnished with glossy narrow evergreen leaves. 

The flowers shout with colour, one of the darkest Penstemons available and a great plant to lift the pastels within your border. P.Purple Passion has one of the deepest, most intense purples, all wrapped around a clean white centre, giving the flower a beautiful colour contrast. Deadhead any spent flowers to encourage the continuous display of flowers. 

This perennial is not fussy about where it lives, so ensure a sunny spot, in almost any well-drained soil and watch this plant thrive to its full potential. Great for attracting bees and also for cut flowers. 

Tip. Penstemons do not require a fertile soil, just adding fertiliser at planting will suffice. Too much fertiliser will cause excessive die back in winter.


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