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Hemerocallis Stella Bella
This daylily is a tough customer, yet remains graceful with it arching foliage and successions of beautiful lemon yellow flowers through summer. This versatile plant looks stunning planted in a landscape planting or as a specimen within your border. 50cm

Hemerocallis Stella Bella


Hemerocallis Stella Bella is an evergreen daylily that is vying with H. Stella de Oro for top- spot,  on the low growing hemerocallis charts.  It is an excellent landscape plant, that can be planted en masse or equally, sits comfortably within your border.

H.Stella Bella has beautiful fresh lemon yellow flowers that are pointed at their tips and recurve slightly. (H.Stella de Oro flowers are golden yellow and more rounded in the flowerhead). The flowers will repeat throughout the summer months

H.Stella Bella has evergreen strappy leaves that are mid-green in colour, that reach 50-60 cm. Even though the plant is evergreen, I find that a cutback or a good thinning of the foliage will keep it looking fresh and allow a good airflow through the plant, which helps it avoid any pest and diseases.

Stella Bella is a tough customer that tolerates most soils from poor dry through to clay as long as they do not lie wet. It likes to be in full sun. It is frost hardy but will also cope well with heat.

In stressful situations this plant may be semi-evergreen.


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