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A true architectural beauty that brings beautiful violet blue flowers to your borders in early summer along with showy, sharp edged foliage that remains a feature for much of the year. H 100-150 cm x S 10-50 cm

Iris sibirica


Stunning violet- blue flowers appear in early summer. Each stem will bear up to 5 flowers, each 6-7 cm wide, which will dance and sway gently in the breeze. The flower petals, although predominantly blue, become white with dark ‘veins’ on the petal and finally a golden yellow. Each bloom will have 3 blooms at the top and 3 drooping petals, known as falls. The merging colours and patterns remind me of my childhood favourite, the pansy.

The narrow bladed, grassy foliage can grow to approximately 120 cm and will look fresh and green for much of the year. Therefore, this a plant to consider for it’s strong, architectural presence in the border as well as its flowers. In autumn, the leaves will turn to a bronze colour with seed heads that add interest throughout the shorter days.

Iris sibirica is also known as Siberian flag/ iris and is native to Turkey where it can be commonly found in swampy ground. Thankfully, we don’t have to worry if we don't have swampy areas as I. sibirica is an easy-going plant that will grow in most soil types as long as it’s moist and free draining.

There are a wide variety of cultivars/colours of Iris sibirica, so it will be easy to find colours to compliment and contrast the violet blue of I. sibirica. The best impact can be made by planting in groups.

Prune dying foliage in autumn and some of the old flower stems after flowering, leave some for an additional feature over winter.


Key points

  • Rhizomatous herbaceous perennial
  • Architecturally impressive green foliage
  • Violet-blue flowers in early summer
  • Full sun/ partial shade
  • Sandy/clay/chalk/loam
  • Acid/alkaline/neutral
  • Moist but free draining soil
  • Easy to grow
  • Suit flower borders/beds/city/courtyard/coastal/cottage/informal/ponds/streams/cut flowers
  • Attracts butterflies
  • H 100-150cm x S 10-50 cm after 2-5 years

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