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Penstemon 'Snowstorm'    syn P. 'White Bedder'
The perfect upright perennial to bring light to your flower border. Delicate, large, white, bell-like flowers bloom profusely throughout the summer and into early autumn. H50-100cm x S10-50cm

Penstemon 'Snowstorm' syn P. 'White Bedder'

  1. ‘Snowstorm’ is known by many names including P.’White Bedder’, P.’Royal White’, P.’Burford White’ and P.’Hidcote White’. What is certain though, is how beautiful and useful this Penstemon is in any plant border!

P.’Snowstorm’ is an upright perennial with mid-green foliage. Throughout summer and into early autumn, perfect bell-like, white flowers, up to 3.5cm long, will bloom. Continuous blooms will be encouraged if you deadhead flowers after flowering. A dry winter mulch may be applied over winter.

P.’Snowstorm’ is a perfect addition to bring light to a semi shaded border or to show off plants with darker flowers and foliage.

Key Points

  • RHS Award of garden Merit
  • Plants for pollinators
  • Green foliage
  • White flowers
  • Summer/early autumn flowering
  • Sand/loam/chalk soil
  • Acid/alkaline/neutral
  • Well drained
  • Suitable for cottage/informal beds and borders
  • H 50-100 cm x S 10-50 cm over 2-5 years


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