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Magnificent tall rudbeckia with bright yellow drooping petals and an unusual green cone centre. Supported by attractive mid-green foliage. 200cm

Rudbeckia Herbstsonne


If you want big and if you want late yellow flowers, this is a plant for you. This magnificent Cutleaf coneflower has unusual bright yellow flowers with a prominent cone which is at first green rather than the black of some of the rudbeckia family. 

R. Herbstsonne syn R, Autumn Sun, R. nitida Herbstsonne, has large daisy-like flowers that carry their drooping yellow petals from mid-summer all the way through to the autumn frosts. The green cone fades to a yellow-brown colour as the flowers age. Deadheading can extend the flowering time.

The foliage is also attractive with large, toothed, mainly oval but some lobed basal leaves that are up to 15cm long and prominently veined. From these arise straight large stems that reach heights of 2 metres, they branch near the top to carry the delectable flowers.

Herbstsonne likes to be positioned in full sun to partial shade, and it needs to be planted in soils that do not get too dry, such as improved clay soils or most average soils. It is great as a cut flower

The height of Herbstsonne means it tends to be placed near the back of the border.  I must admit I have not truly appreciated the beauty of the plant and having it in pots in the nursery has allowed me to do so.  I will in future be placing it in a position in the border where I can admire it. The tall stems can sometimes be damaged by high winds and may require staking or the support of neighbouring plants. This height can also be manipulated by cutting back around October, when the plant has started to grow but not got too high; this tends to then lead to a shorter and slightly later flowering plant.These solutions may make it easier to plant where it can be admired.







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