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Salvia nemorosa (West Friesland / Violet Queen)
This Sage is known for its long flowering and drought resistance. It has a bushy clump of mid green foliage. Tall spikes of violet-purple flowers from summer to autumn. 60 cm. Grow in well-drained, dry to medium soil in a sunny spot.

Salvia nemorosa (West Friesland / Violet Queen)


This captivating perennial is valuable for its long flowering display in the border. Also marketed under the names S.nemerosa West Friesland or S. n. Violet Queen (Violettkonigin) Whatever the name, if you have this plant in your garden you undoubtedly have a  long flowering, reliable salvia.

The flower spikes are erect and dense drawing the eye to the dark violet-purple flowers. From early summer to autumn these upright spikes up to 60 cm.  will attract bees and butterflies to your border. 

This perennial sage forms a compact, bushy clump of mid green foliage. The large, lance-shaped leaves are wonderfully textured, notched and wrinkled.

To encourage repeat blooming, and lengthen the flowering period, remove faded flowers. The spikes are excellent for cut flowers. 

Grow this salvia in well-drained, fertile soil in a sunny spot, though apart from water-logged soils it will grow in most soil types.

Key points

  • Perfect for pollinators
  • Long flowering violet spikes
  • Mid-green aromatic foliage
  • Sun or partial shade
  • Well drained soil
  • chalk/clay/loam/sand
  • cut to ground level in winter
  • Suitable for beds and borders/ cottage/informal/cut and dried flowers
  • H 40-60 cm x S 40 cm



Image attribution:  Jerzy Opioła

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