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Phlomis cashmeriana
This plant has it all, an architectural impact, tactile foliage and lilac-purple flowers which are borne from early summer, followed by beautiful seed heads which are both interesting to look at and a source of feed for the birds.WOW. 60cm

Phlomis cashmeriana



Cashmere Sage is an erect, densely woolly perennial. With showy spires of bright lilac-purple flowers and large yellow-grey foliage, this perennial is often used as an architectural plant. 

From mid-summer, the hooded, lilac-purple flowers are borne in dense, axillary whorls on tall, erect stems. In winter, these beautiful seed heads are often left for their ornamental effect. 

The woolly foliage is wonderfully textured, felty green, ovate shaped leaves with luscious silvery backsides. When caught by the breeze these silvery undersides add movement and depth to the garden. 

Grow P.cashmeriana successfully in well-drained soil, in a sunny spot in the garden. Perfect for cut flowers, fully hardy and an excellent choice for a low maintenance plant.

Unlike Phlomis russeliana, Phlomis cashmeriana is not one of the easiest plants to establish, particularly if the ground lays too wet it will struggle to survive the winter.  However, if you have the right conditions and do not allow it to be smothered by competing plants you will be rewarded by a beautiful plant and most welcome addition to your garden.


Image attribution: Jelitto

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