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Sue Hill
I have been very lucky within my Horticultural career to have worked in some fantastic herbaceous perennial gardens and nurseries which developed my passion for this type of gardening. These include:
  • Mrs Jelley's Garden, in Northamptonshire, England. Her help and patience launched me into this career. 
  • Susie Pasley-Tyler and her inspirational garden, Coton Manor Garden, Northamptonshire, England.  Here I was very fortunate to work alongside Susie until I left for New Zealand. Take a look at www.cotonmanor.co.uk  
  • Doreen Higginson at Nikau Hill Nursery, Marton, until she retired.
  • Jennie Chillingworth and her fantastic garden Ohorere, Whanganui.  Her friendship and generosity have been a major help in launching the perennial side of my business.
    After gaining my Diploma in Horticulture (RHS) and working in the garden, nursery, and landscaping business over the last 25 years, I decided to start my nursery.
    I was fortunate to be able to buy a lot of equipment from a nursery that was closing. I then had ten weeks to turn my orchard into a nursery to be in a position to fulfil contracts I had gained. Roger (my husband) and I set to and managed to achieve this and still (somehow) be together at the end of it!  We also had the great assistance of our son Stu Hill, Jennie and Mark Chillingworth and my sister Caroline Wright and her husband Colin with some of the larger tasks. 
    Having established contract-growing for the wholesale nursery trade, we then launched our website.  The online store enables me to sell the herbaceous perennials, which I so admire, alongside the shrubs and natives directly to the public.
    So here we are!  I hope you will visit us regularly to see our site and range of plants expand. 
    Rog Hill                              Sue Hill                              Stu Hill