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Hello and welcome to Ravenhill Nursery’s online store and website.

Ravenhill Nursery is a nursery that specialises in the propagation and growing on of herbaceous perennials, in combination with offering for sale a small range of native and exotic shrubs.  The herbaceous perennials are a major passion of mine and I have long wanted to offer a range that are garden worthy, and affordable and predominantly easy to grow.

The plants are offered for sale in 9 and 11 cm. pots (see FAQ if unsure of sizing), so you can either place them straight in your garden or grow them on yourselves for future planting plans. This will hopefully make planting in groups of 3,5 or 7 etc. more affordable for you.

All the plants for sale on the website have been propagated and grown here at Ravenhill Nursery.  We are situated in a valley within a valley in Okoia Whanganui and are often subjected to frosts of -3 degrees and some down to -6 degrees. This results in hardy plants for you to grow whether you live in the North or South Island.



SPECIAL DEALS - 25% off all plants in the Special deal collection, on orders over $23.00.

If you are interested in any special deal plants within your order, please contact us   directly and I will be able to sort your order and invoice, so you receive your discount.

Some of the plants that do not have full descriptions or photos have been listed in the new addition section until I manage to enter them within the catalogue.  If you are interested in any, please  contact us directly. 

I have also included a section on plants that will be ready soon, i.e. potted and just need a little longer to fully root. So, if you look in this section, you can see what we will be offering for sale shortly.

 The nursery itself is not open. However, you are welcome to pick-up your plants. Please contact us  for an appointment before coming as we are not always here.

I look forward to your custom and please do not hesitate to contact me with any enquiries you may have with regards to our plants or website.