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Achillea Terracotta
A.Terracotta enlivens any part of a summer border, with its flattened flowerheads coloured in an array of terracotta oranges and warm yellows from early summer. 90cm

Achillea Terracotta


What shouts summer more than an array of bright yellows and oranges splashed through a sunny garden? A.Terracotta enlivens any part of a summer border and boasts so many valuable qualities apart from its stunning good looks. Fully hardy and easy to maintain, this Yarrow is a must have this summer!

From early in the summer season, tall stems are borne, branching to carry a number of flat flower heads made up of eye-catching and richly coloured masses of small flowers. The colours are a mosaic of warm summer, starting off terracotta and fading into shades of soft yellows.  

These delightful flowers are complemented by the fragrant, ferny foliage. The leaves are finely textured and will provide a fresh green all throughout the year. 

Bees and butterflies are drawn to the beautifully coloured flowers. A.Terracotta will thrive in many conditions, providing well-drained soil, and a sunny position is more than adequate for this plant to show off its full potential. 


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