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Agastache rugosa Alba
Spires of white flowers held above green triangular toothed foliage. Bees just love this plant. 60-75cm

Agastache rugosa Alba


Agastache rugosa Alba would always be an addition to my garden. Throughout summer into autumn it has spires of white flowers which are always a bonus within your borders. However it is not for this reason why I would be planting A. Alba, it is just a bee magnet and provides an incredible amount of nectar for bees and butterflies at that all important time of year as they enter into winter. After it has supplied the bees, it then turns into a feed station for our birds who feast on the seeds over winter. Do not worry we are not left out either, Agastache is a herb and the aromatic triangular toothed young leaves can be used in salads or your Pimms! What more can you ask of a plant?

It is an easy care plant whose only drawback is that it is a short lived perennial but that is easily forgiven for all of its virtues. Grow it in dry well-drained soils with full sun and sit back and watch the wildlife display.



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