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Ajuga Jungle Beauty
A versatile groundcover with multiple spires of deep blue flowers, which complement the green, tinged with purple leaves. Blooms from spring into summer. 30cm

Ajuga Jungle Beauty


A.Jungle Beauty is a spreading evergreen ground cover, with smaller green tinged purple leaves. These provide an attractive base to any shaded area and are particularly useful as an edging plant or under trees. It has erect 30cm spires of deep blue flowers throughout spring into summer.

It spreads by runners so has the ability to cover large areas for you, but is easy to control and a very easy maintenance plant with no problems.

A.Jungle Beauty prefers to be positioned in partial shade. However, it will also tolerate full shade or sun and thrives in any soil as long as it is not water- logged.

There is confusion over whether A.Jungle Beauty or A.Catlins Giant has the larger leaves. Based on the RHS description that A.Catlins Giant has foliage that is15cm long, we have determined that this variety we are offering for sale is- and indeed was provided to me as- A.Jungle Beauty due to it's smaller foliage. 


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