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Unusual hairy large leaves make this bergenia an interesting addition to your garden, topped with short spikes of pink flowers in spring. 30cm

Bergenia ciliata


Bergenia ciliata is an outstanding large-leaved foliage plant that serves as an excellent ground cover for shady areas of the garden. It is a very unusual bergenia in the fact that it's fringed leaves are covered on both sides with soft downy hairs. Leading to the common names Fringed Bergenia or Hairy Leaf Bergenia and also leads to the species name of ciliata, which means hairy. From these leaves short spikes of light pink flowers arise throughout the spring months, these darken as they mature.

B. ciliata is a deciduous form of bergenia, and the plant spreads slowly by rhizomes. It is best placed as an edging to paths and walkways or border fronts, where the flowers and foliage can be appreciated. The large foliage is useful in floral arrangements, and it makes an excellent container plant for a winter display, especially in mild conditions.

B. ciliata tolerates full shade, but foliage appearance is best with some sun or sun-dappled conditions. Established plants will tolerate brief periods of drought, but perform best with consistent moisture so are best planted where soils do not completely dry out. 



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