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Campanula persicifolia Grandiflora
Large broad bell shaped blue flowers gracefully adorn slender stems, arising from a mat of narrow green foliage through out summer. H 90 cm x S 30 cm

Campanula persicifolia Grandiflora


A larger flowered version of the Bellflower, commonly known as the Peach Leaved Bellflower, due to the similarity in foliage to the common peach tree. 

This has a mat of evergreen narrow lance shaped, toothed, dark green basal leaves. Slender stems arise from the foliage to a height of 90 cm, carrying racemes of large, broad blue, shaped flowers, from early to mid-summer. 

Cutting back after flowering will encourage a second less profuse display of flowers. The flower colour is best preserved in partial shade. 

Best suited to neutral to alkaline, moist but free draining soils in sun or partial shade. 

Suitable for cut flowers and attracting bees, this perennial will be your next best addition to your garden. 

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