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Convallaria majalis  (Lily of the Valley)
A long time favourite with large pairs of green leaves from which its nodding white, heavily scented flowers arise. 25cm.

Convallaria majalis (Lily of the Valley)


C. majalis A.G.M awarded plant is an old-fashioned favourite that remains sort after today. It is known for its beautiful nodding bell-shaped flowers, but its scent is what sets it apart. The distinct Lily of the Valley scent has long been captured in perfumes and talcum powder, but nothing beats the scent wafting to you on the breeze as you pass it by in the garden.

C.majalis is a spreading groundcover plant that has a pair of large elliptical shaped green leaves 25cm in height. In late spring the exquisite white flowers arise. It may take a year or two to establish but will then spread quickly

Lily of the Valley is an easy plant to grow.  It is tolerant of poor soils and dry shade but prefers a rich, moist soil in a position protected from afternoon sun preferably full to partial shade. In hot summers the foliage may disappear. As well being planted within your shady areas, it will also look great in shaded containers.



 CAUTION: Toxic if eaten. 


image attribution Jonathan Billinger

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