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If you want to bring beauty and fragrance to the shady areas of your garden, then Cordyalis elata is a must. Brilliant blue flowers borne on upright stems, rising from delicate yellow/green evergreen leaves H30-40 cmx S30-45cm

Corydalis elata


Also known as Blue false bleeding heart, C.elata has brilliant blue, tubular flowers are produced from spring into early summer. They are wonderfully fragrant and have been described as having the scent of gardenia with traces of coconut.  The flowers grow on stems rising from small clumps of lacy, delicate yellow-green, semi- evergreen leaves.

The leaves can be differentiated from the similar looking C. flexuosa by a tiny red dot on its leaves. It is also different to the flexuosa and its cultivars in that it doesn’t have a dormant period during the summer.

On first sight of the brilliant blue flowers of C.elata and knowing it originated from Mount Omei, in the southwest Sichuan province in China,( the C.elata was first propagated by Elizabeth Strangman in Kent, England.) I immediately thought about the brilliant blue and white of the Chinese Willow Tree patterns. To this affect, I believe the C.elata would look great surrounded by  white flowering  plants to recreate those clean, crisp colours. Of course, though, this is just one of many ways this plant can be used.


Key points

  • Semi evergreen
  • Fragrant blue flowers from spring into summer
  • Attractive foliage
  • Attractive to pollinators
  • Part shade/ dappled sunlight
  • Moist but free draining soil
  • Sandy/chalk/clay/loam soil
  • Neutral/alkaline/acid soil
  • Use in woodland/alpine/rock border/containers/cut flowers/edging
  • H 30-40cm x S 30-45cm





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