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Eupatorium maculatum Atropurpureum
Ever the ‘crowd pleaser’ Eupatorium maculatum Atropurpureum will be a strong presence in your garden, adding height and beautiful lilac blooms from mid to late summer H 150cm x S 50-100cm

Eupatorium maculatum Atropurpureum


Known by many names such as Joe-pye weed, Ague weed and Thorough-wort, E. maculatum Atropurpureum brings a great presence to your garden. It is a clump forming herbaceous perennial which would look great in the background of your border, due to its potential height of up to 250cm or at the forefront of a narrower border.

The green oval leaves on erect, purple stems give way to ‘cloud-like’ clusters of small tubular flowers which are different shades of mauve, lilac, violet and purple. The clusters can be up to 20cm wide. The cloud like nature of the flowers  are a joy to the senses, and will definitely encourage you to touch them! Wildlife will be very attracted to the blooms also.

The Eupatorium over winters as tall brown stems and I leave mine up as the plant goes completely dormant and this reminds me where they are! However, some like to cut them down rather than look at brown stems all winter. It is a slower one in the spring to come into leaf and growth but once it does so so you will have lovely coloured stems and flowers to look at.

Key points

  • H 150cm-250cm x S 50-100cm
  • Lilac clusters from mid to late summer
  • Wildlife friendly
  • Neutral/Acid/Alkaline soil
  • Chalk/clay/sandy/loam
  • Most moisture types
  • Winter interest stems if not cut back.
  • Low maintenance
  • Suitable for borders, beds, cottage/informal/ meadows/ accent plant


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