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Filipendula rubra venusta (magnifica)
Crowded flower heads of stunning, fragrant, deep pink flowers arise from vine-like foliage - which is also fragrant - throughout summer. 120-180cm

Filipendula rubra venusta (magnifica)


F. r Venusta is indeed a great plant for your damp areas within your garden.  Commonly known as Queen of the Prairies, she certainly lives up to her reputation, her stature, presence, and fragrance certainly makes her stand out from the crowd.

F. r Venusta has impressive dark green leaves that are pinnate almost vine like in appearance are up to 20cm wide and are also fragrant. In summer from these emerge tall branching red stems 120-180cm that are crowded with a stunning display of deep pink fragrant flowers, in heads up to 15cm across. These fade to paler pink as they age are just as decorative to look at at this stage as in full flower. Deadhead before the plant sets seed to avoid self-seeding if this is not required.

F.r Venusta needs to be in a moist area that does not dry out, so will be happy in clay soils, this can be in full sun or partial shade. As well as stunning to look at in the garden whether planted as a specimen plant or en masse, it is also useful for cutting.



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