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Gaura lindheimeri
A graceful addition to your border with its abundance of wispy white flowers from summer all the way through to late autumn. 85cm

Gaura lindheimeri


G.lindheimeri commonly known as The Bride is a bushy, clump-forming perennial. Dancing with bloom from summer to late autumn, this A.G.M awarded perennial produces bountiful, loose panicles of long pinkish white buds, opening at dawn to fresh white flowers, fading to pink.

The flowers are very useful within your border as they add graceful movement when swaying in the breeze. With such a subtle colour, they will blend in well in any part of your border. Foliage is a mid green colour, bearing spoon-shaped, toothed leaves. 

These wispy plants are great for filling space without blocking the view through, bringing areas within your border together, whether used for this or simply popping in a vase, G.lindheimeri will not stop impressing you. 

Growing at its best in moist, but well-drained soil, in full sun. Fully hardy, easy to grow, and virtually pest and disease free, this is a superb addition to any garden. 


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