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Geum 'Mrs.Bradshaw' (Avens)
Who cannot believe in love at first sight when they see Geum ‘Mrs.Bradshaw’ for the first time? Stunning, scarlet-red flowers bloom throughout the summer months, swaying gently on long stems, rising from dark green leaves. H 10-50cm x S 10-50cm

Geum 'Mrs.Bradshaw' (Avens)


On first sight, Geum ‘Mrs.Bradshaw’ (Avens) reminded me of the scarlet-red of poppies, ‘surfing’ on the breeze and it has a definite resemblance to the hardy geranium. It is a clump forming, herbaceous perennial which is both tough and hardy. Originating from Chile, it looks very at home with other ‘hot’ colours in the front of the border.

Semi-double, beautiful, scarlet flowers, up to 4.5 cm in width, rise up on purple stems from the scalloped green, hairy leaves. Deadheading the flowers regularly will encourage blooms from early to late summer.

In the autumn, G. Mrs.Bradshaw will die down to below ground level but there will be fresh new growth come the spring.

Geum gains its name from the Greek ‘geno’ which means to impart an agreeable flavour. This refers to the aromatic roots of some of the species.

Main points

  • RHS Award of garden merit
  • Wildlife friendly
  • Full sun/partial shade
  • Scarlet-red flowers throughout the summer
  • Green leaves
  • Moist but well drained soil
  • Acid/alkaline/neutral
  • Sand/loam/clay/chalk
  • Suitable for flower beds/borders, cottage/informal/rock/’hot’ gardens
  • H 10-50cm x S 10-50cm

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