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Goniolimon tataricum (Limonium)
White flowers borne in summer. 45cm

Goniolimon tataricum (Limonium)


Commonly known as Tatarian statice this rosetted perennial is fully hardy, trouble free with no pests or diseases and such a stunner of a plant. Low growing, this perennial boasts its everlasting flowers, in wide spreading panicles of long (12cm) tubular flowers with white sepals and spreading to ruby-red petals. 

The foliage is speckled with white spots on the pale green leaves, which are large, smooth and oblong shaped. 

G.tataricum is widely grown for its dried flower head. The tiny flowers are so small they are barely noticeable, however, when the flowers fade and the petals drop, you are left with a dried flower head that is spectacular. These beautiful, dried flower heads will last long into winter. 

Grow in sandy, well-drained soil in full sun.  

Image attribution: Jerzy Opioła 

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