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"It is better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all." Is how I feel about this plant. It will always star in my garden due to the impact of the irresistible crimson-red flowers, from summer through to autumn.

Knautia macedonica


Being one of the longest crimson-red flowering plants available makes this Crimson Scabious (also commonly known as Macedonian Scabious) extremely desirable.  The succession of irresistible pincushion flowers feature throughout the summer and autumn and are attractive to butterflies. If the plant is not deadheaded,  the seedheads remain a feature into winter,  providing a feed source to the wildlife.

The foliage is mid-green in colour and coarse to touch. The basal leaves are pinnately lobed (lobes arranged either side of a mid- rib, similar to an elongated oak leaf or dandelion foliage). The stem leaves are not as divided. The branched stems reach around 75-100 cm in height and spread. When planted in the fertile soils of the garden border, allow plenty of room when planting.  In poorer soils, growth is not as lush.

Despite Knautia macedonica being a short-lived perennial which may suddenly disappear around five years after planting, I will still always plant this in my garden. It may be short lived, but it is high on impact and will be one of the most talked about plants in the border.

Its longevity can be improved by giving it its preferred pH range of alkaline to neutral and a sandy or average soil. However,  it will cope with clay soils that do not sit wet or soils that are a little acidic.

Having grown these from seed I have noticed some of the flowers on the plants in the nursery may be a lighter shade veering towards the pink-red colouring rather than the deeper Bluish-red Crimson. It is impossible for me to tell until they flower, all are very attractive in their own right with all the same characteristics. However, if anyone puchases these and it does not match their expectations please contact me.



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