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Lavatera thuringiaca
Not to be confused with the shrubby Mallows in the Lavatera family this is a large herbaceous perennial. With its baby pink flowers from late summer to early autumn, it makes an excellent plant for near the back of your border. 150cm

Lavatera thuringiaca


Lavatera thuringiaca is an upright perennial with heart shaped, mid green leaves. Stems are finely grey and hairy. In summer the showy, five-petaled, openly funnel-shaped, light pink flowers are borne. These flowers are dainty and exquisite, a dream in the garden. L.thuringiaca blooms prolifically; the whole plant becomes showered in colour.

 Lavatera thuringiaca is a large herbaceous perennial and not to be confused with its shrubby relatives. It is usually cut back to within about 15 cm of the ground each autumn after flowering or leave it until early spring making way for fresh foliage and flowers next season. 

Grow in light, well-drained soil, in a sunny spot of the border. In windy conditions, the plant may need protection, such as staking. Suitable for cut flowers.




Image attribution: Botaurus stellaris

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