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A real bargain at cost. A stunning medium sized lavender bred in Australia to be long flowering during the hot dry months of summer. 130 mm H x !20 mm W

Lavendula stoechas Joyful Bliss


This is the only plant I have bought in; it was for a customer who wanted to mass plant it for a stunning display down her driveway and what an impact it makes. I am selling the excess at cost.

Lavandula stoechas Joyful bliss is a medium compact Italian / French Lavender. It has evergreen grey / green foliage which from September through to March is topped with stunning deep lilac flowers held aloft from the foliage.

This lavender is spectacular mass planted as a group or hedge, as a specimen plant or displayed within a pot or tub.

Bred in Australia to provide a lavender that has a long and prolific flowering over those harsh dry summer months, this variety often outlasts other members of the lavender stoechas family.  

To keep this plant compact and increase its lifetime, trim lavender on planting then as a yearly maintenance trim back after flowering or if foliage deteriorates to reinvigorate it.

  • It copes well in full sun or even in semi shade but not full shade.
  • Ideally free draining soils will cope with other soil types as long as they do not lay wet over winter. 
  • Is borderline frost hardy meaning it may perish in hard frosts, especially if for a prolonged period.

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