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Also known as Catmint ‘Six Hills Giant’, this plant is a great choice if, like me, you love to see swathes of lavender-blue in your garden. It has great attraction for humans and wildlife alike with aromatic, lemon scented leaves.

Nepeta racemosa 'Six Hills Giant'


‘Six Hills Giant’ is an easy going plant that rewards the senses. Clumps of aromatic grey-green leaves release a lemon scent when bruised/crushed in your hand. Large, billowing flower stems rise from the clumps of foliage. Although the stems are 60-90 cm in length, the actual height of the plant will be more like 45-60cm due to the arching nature of the stems. Throughout the summer months beautiful, lavender-blue flower spikes will flourish. If these are trimmed after flowering it will encourage a second flowering.

The N. ‘Six Hills Giant’ is not as attractive to cats as Nepeta cataria but if it did become a problem a useful tip to deter cats is to place some upright twiggy sticks in the centre of the plant.

The Nepeta ‘Six Hills Giant’ is a really versatile plant and can be used for various reasons in your garden from underplanting roses and shrubs, attracting wildlife and as a showy feature in itself. H and S 50-100 cm

 Key Points

  • Clump forming aromatic grey/green leaves
  • Lavender-blue flower spikes during summer
  • Full sun/ partial shade
  • Clay, loam, sand, chalk
  • Acid/alkaline/neutral soils
  • Low maintenance
  • Attractive to wildlife
  • Use in drought resistant borders/cottage and informal borders/ wildlife gardens/ underplanting of roses and shrubs/ gravel gardens
  • H and S 50-100 cm over 2-5 years



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