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Penstemon Port Wine
My eyes are always drawn to P. Port Wines' rich wine colouring and larger flowers, these will bloom all throughout summer and autumn. 90cm

Penstemon Port Wine


Penstemons are widely known for their magnificent show of colour through summer and autumn. P. Port Wine shows off with a terrific display of large, rich wine red trumpet flowers. My photo does not show the beautiful deep colour as it is, my eyes are always drawn to this plant.

The foliage is glossy and fresh, made up of narrow, dark leaves. The stems flushed red, leading the eye to the brilliant spikes blanketed in flowers. Remove spent flowers to encourage reblooming. Bees will be in abundance, and the spikes are a perfect addition to a cut flower arrangement. 

Port Wine is a fantastic addition to any garden, I just love this plant, whether planting on mass, popping in a container, or nestled in between other perennials, this Penstemon is sure to please. 

Plant in well-drained soil, in a sunny site.  


Tip. Penstemons do not require a fertile soil, just adding fertiliser at planting will suffice. Too much fertiliser will cause excessive die back in winter


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