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Polygonatum x hybridum  (Solomon's Seal)
This beautiful plant never ceases to surprise me. Fully dormant you tend to forget it is there, then suddenly in spring graceful arching stems carrying exquisite tubular green tipped creamy flowers emerge, lighting up your shady areas. H150 cm x S 30 cm

Polygonatum x hybridum (Solomon's Seal)


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Also know as Polygonatum ‘Solomon’s Seals’, this herbaceous perennial will draw the eye to the shady area of your garden where you long for interest throughout the year.

 In spring, beautiful small clusters of tubular, creamy-white flowers with green edges are borne on gently arching stems amongst the neatly paired, oval- shaped leaves.The stems will grow to a maximum height of 1.5 metres in ideal conditions. As the flowers fade we are treated to small, black berries throughout summer and autumn. 

The foliage is deciduous and will spread between 10-50cm over 2-5 years.

Solomon’s Seals will tolerate sun and partial shade but is happiest in shaded areas such as woodland, where the soil is moist but well drained. This easy-going plant just needs to be cut back to the base in the autumn. Its delicate appearance belies its toughness and it should remain with you for many years.


N.B. This plant must not be ingested all parts willl cause stomach upset if eaten.


Key Points

  • RHS Award of garden merit
  • creamy-white flowers throughout spring
  • Black berries in the summer and autumn
  • Paired, green, ovate leaves
  • Part/full shade preferred
  • Clay, loam, chalk and sandy soil
  • Acid/ alkaline/ neutral
  • Suitable for flower borders/beds, underplanting of roses and shrubs and woodland areas
  • H 100-150 cm x S 10-50 cm after 2-5 years


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