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Pulmonaria ‘Blue Ensign’ will breathe life back into your garden in springtime. Beautiful clusters of large, violet-blue flowers rise triumphantly from the broad dark green leaves. H & S 10-50 cm

Pulmonaria 'Blue Ensign'


Vivid, clusters of stunning violet-blue flowers are borne on short stems, rising from the broad, dark green leaves. This deciduous perennial is easy to grow and would look spectacular nestled amongst other shade loving plants such as hostas, ferns, anemones and narcissi.

Part of the Boraginaceae (forget-me-not) family, P. ‘Blue Ensign’ brings beauty to the shaded areas of our gardens as our gardens awaken from the long winter months.

An RHS award winner for being a plant of merit and for being perfect for pollinators, P. ‘Blue Ensign’ isa lot more attractive than its common name of Lungwort ‘Blue Ensign.!

If like me , you are wondering how such a beauty got the rather unattractive name Lungwort, I understand that it is because the Pulmo in Pulmonaria is Latin for lung! It is said that the spotted oval leaves of P. officinalis were said to resemble diseased lungs and in times past were used to treat pulmonary infections. I think our modern use of using the plant to bring aesthetic pleasure in our spring garden is probably for the best!

To help ensure good growth remove old leaves after flowering and divide the plant every few years in autumn.


Key Points

  • RHS Award of Garden Merit
  • RHS Perfect Pollinators Award
  • Full shade/Partial shade
  • Clay/Chalk/Loam
  • Moist but well drained soil
  • Acid/Alkaline/Neutral
  • Use for wooded areas/ banks and slopes/ flower borders and beds/ groundcover/ cottage and informal/city and courtyards/wildlife garden
  • H & S 10-50 cm over 2-5 years

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