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Salvia verticillata 'Alba' (White Rain)
A great, bushy, perennial which will reliably enhance your garden, year after year. Delicate white flowers are borne on gently arching stems throughout summer H40-45cm x S30-45cm

Salvia verticillata 'Alba' (White Rain)


Salvia verticillata ‘Alba’ is known by many names including ‘White Rain’, ‘Lilac Sage’, ‘Whorled Sage’ and ‘Whorled Clary’. Salvias have been popular for many years and are especially renowned for their healing properties. Indeed, Salvia comes from the Latin word ‘Salveo’ meaning to heal.

S.verticillata ‘Alba’ can be used in many locations in your garden, even in the front of your borders. The plant provides good texture and form.

This plant prefers full sun and dry soil. The plant will form a bushy mound and has 'fuzzy' olive-green leaves on its gently arching stems. Throughout summer and into early autumn (if regularly dead-headed) you will be rewarded with small,beautiful, pure white flowers, hanging from the arching flower spikes. If the plant becomes floppy in mid-summer it can be cut back hard to rejuvenate it.

Key points

  • Wildlife friendly
  • Full sun
  • Dry to medium, well drained soil
  • Neutral/alkaline/acid soil
  • Most soil types
  • Low maintenance
  • Olive-green foliage
  • White flowers
  • Flowers summer to early autumn
  • Useful for borders, containers, cut flowers, rock/cottage/drought/coastal/wildlife gardens
  • H 40-45cm x S 30-45cm

 Image from Jelitto

In these times of fashionable rages
Let us honor enduring sages.
Known to cure, to mend, to ease;
Companions to cooks; splendid teas.
Hundreds of species our world adorn,
Richly diverse in flower and form.
Hail to Salvia, that scented salvation,
Worthy of study and our admiration.

– by Andy Doty

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