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Salvia Waverly
Majestic, arching stems hold flower spikes of white tinged pink flowers, set off to perfection by the purple calyces, from early summer through to autumn. In combination with its attractive foliage make this Sage a desirable addition to your garden. 120cm

Salvia Waverly


This fast growing salvia is a great all-rounder for the garden. Easy to grow and even easier to maintain, a magnificent display of colour, and an excellent plant for adding height to your border.

 Extending up from the ground long stems which can reach 1 to 1.5 m  hold the foliage. The attractive leaves are textured, deeply veined, elongated to a point and have a shiny appearance on the upper leaf surface.  The stems arch in a fountain-like manner, from which long purple flower stalks are borne. From summer through to autumn white flowers with a pink tinge are displayed along the stems. The calyces which hold the flower are purple-tinged setting off the petals to perfection. 

S. Waverly is an excellent backdrop for lower border plants and beautiful when planted en masse or as a specimen plant. The soft colour blends well with other flowering plants and is attractive to bees. Waverly provides a steady supply of cut flowers. Dead-heading the faded flowers extends the blooming time of this long flowering plant.

Thriving well in most soil conditions, tolerant of drought once established and preferring a sunny site, this low maintenance plant is a wonder in any garden.

Salvia Waverley is evergreen in mild climates, but in colder regions, it will require some frost protection. It will be knocked back to the ground and require cutting back in late winter when it should shoot again.




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