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Scabiosa ochroleuca
This Scabious is desirable for its prolific soft yellow pincushion flowers in combination with its attractive foliage. The flowers sway in the slightest of breeze, adding movement and flow to the border through summer into autumn. 80cm

Scabiosa ochroleuca


Scabiosa columbaria var. ochroleuca is a beautiful Scabious commonly known as Columbaria Scabious. Coloured in the softest of yellows, it fits harmoniously with every colour within your border. These beautifully formed pincushion flowers are held on its many branched stems for weeks through summer.  The long stalks show the flowers to perfection without blocking the view through to the rest of your border.

The evergreen foliage is of a lovely velvety texture, and light grey-green in colour, a useful contrast to the many green foliage plants. It is composed of long-stalked, pinnatifid leaves, these leaves reaching between 5-15 cm. 

Scabiosa var. ochroleuca is a very hardy, pest and disease free plant that is of medium longevity (around five years). It thrives in most average soil, provided there is sufficient drainage.  Plant in full sun and bees and butterflies will be an abundance. Ideal for cut flowers.  Regular deadheading will prolong flowering right up until early autumn.  


Image attribution: Jerzy Opioła


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