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Dark red stems with purple fleshy leaves carry star like pink flowers from mid-summer to early autumn. H.40-60 cm x S. 40-60 cm

Sedum telephium Purple Emperor


Boasting colour and beautiful composition it is no wonder S.Purple Emperor has been awarded the prestigious A.G.M. This plant is not only valuable for its long display of colour but its low- maintenance care and hardiness.

The way this plant is formed is delicate and eye catching. The foliage is made up of purple-black fleshy leaves, whorled around rich reddish stems. The graceful stems allow it to mingle and work around its neighbouring plants. From summer tall flower stalks emerge topped with rosy pink flower heads. After the blooms fade, the foliage stays fresh and vibrant well into winter, adding colour to the garden when everything else is starting to fade.

Purple Emperor blends fantastically in a mixed herbaceous border, plant in a sunny site with any soil type as long as it is well-drained. Unlike some of the sedums, as long as it has reasonable airflow it will thrive in wet or dry summers.  To keep S. Purple Emperor compact,  cut the stems back by half, around October.



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