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Silene dioica Dark Pink
An impact plant for spring with its eye-catching long flowering dark pink flowers. This display can go on and on with deadheading and when the plant starts to look tired cutback and the whole display will be repeated, again and again... 90 cm

Silene dioica Dark Pink


 Silene dioica Dark Pink has beautiful long lasting flowers that start in spring and continue through summer. This display can be extended by cutting back after the first flowering has finished, resulting in fresh new foliage growth and a repeat of flowering.

This silene is a dark vibrant pink hybrid form of Silene dioica, and at up to 90 cm high adds an oomph and focal point to your border, yet compliments any pastel coloured plants around it. The flowers arise from dark hairy leaves that are slightly sticky, hence the common name catchfly. The stems carry decreasing sized leaves arranged so that by the time they reach the top they are stalkless. 

Silene dioica in the wild are known as red campion, and it flowers during the day and is pollinated by butterflies and bees. Its close cousin is white campion (S. latifolia) which opens its flowers at night and is pollinated by night butterflies. However, due them both also sharing pollinators they cross breed with each other resulting in the hybrid forms.

Silene dioica Dark Pink grows in full sun to partial shade and preferably likes a moist soil that is well-drained but is tolerant of most soils that are not to the extremes, too wet or too dry.




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