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Silene dioica Light Pink
A wildflower that has been brought into the garden environment due to its long flowering, from late spring through to mid summer. The display of light pink flowers, which can be extended by deadheading and cutting back. 90cm

Silene dioica Light Pink


Silene dioica Light Pink is a  perennial wildflower that has earnt its place within the garden environment with its continuous show of flowers, from late spring right into mid-summer.

The dark coloured foliage is fresh and vigorous, providing a perfect backdrop to show off the flowers. The stems that hold these flowers are slightly sticky, giving this silene it's common name Catchfly. When studied the blooms are an intricate mix of light pink petals held on a conspicuously inflated calyx. After the flowers fade they produce attractive barrel shaped seed pods.

Silene dioica Light Pink is often used within the garden by people who prefer the harmony given by the light pink flowers, rather than the contrasting darker pink of its close relative Silene dioica Dark Pink.

Grow this semi-evergreen in a sunny site with well-drained average soil. 




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