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Stachys byzantina
A silver mat of textured, velvety soft foliage, provides a useful contrast to the many green foliage plants within your border. From early summer woolly pink-purple flowers are produced right through until autumn. A great ground covering plant. 45cm

Stachys byzantina


Here is a plant prized not for its flowers, but its foliage. This evergreen mat-forming perennial is hardy and vigorous in its growth. Fantastic when used for crowding out weeds, all while being a non-invasive plant! S. byzantina is an excellent addition to many parts of the garden, from along pathways, in containers, edging, or simply filling spaces in a herbaceous border. 

Commonly known as Lamb's ear, the interesting leaf composition is said to resemble a lamb's ear or tongue. But please let me do some justice to this wonderfully textured, velvety soft foliage. Borne on the square stems are the thick, felt-like leaves. Oblong in shape, prominently veined and wrinkled, and just oh so soft to touch! These grey-silver leaves become progressively smaller up the stem. 

From early summer until early autumn stems being to emerge and arise from the mat forming base. Held proudly on these stems are woolly,  pink-purple flowers. The flowers are small and insignificant; many gardeners remove these flowers to enhance and encourage the ground cover qualities. 

Easily grown in average, dry to medium, well-drained soil in full sun. Avoid over watering, and too much shade as this may impede the leaf drying and instigate the onset of disease. 




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