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Stokesia laevis White Star
Beautifully composed single white flowers are borne from mid- summer into early autumn. 60cm

Stokesia laevis White Star


Stokesia laevis White Star is a fantastic addition to any garden, with so much to offer. The simplicity of this plant belies the impact it makes, with its stunning white fringed flowers up to 8 cm. wide. 

The evergreen foliage is simple and smooth. The leaves are long and narrow, coloured in a beautiful mid-green, with a conspicuous pale green midrib, giving the leaves a wonderful focal point. 

From mid-summer, upright stems with their stalkless leaves bear single,  eye-catching flower heads. From a distance, they may appear as a plain white flower. However, on closer inspection, the intricate composition and arrangement of fringed petals (ray florets) are stunningly beautiful. To prolong the flowering period regular deadheading and feed will ensure the display continues into early autumn. 

For S.l. White Star to reach its full potential it requires full sun and free draining soil. 



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