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Tricyrtis hirta
80cm Exquisite purple spotted white orchid-like flowers, from late summer to mid autumn, in shade.

Tricyrtis hirta


T.hirta (Toad lily) is prized for so many more qualities than just its good looks.  it has the ability to bloom in shade, its architectural composition, and very low care plan is just some of the reasons why this plant would be a staple in my garden.

This is a clump-forming perennial with heart-shaped leaves at the base of the plant merging to lance -shaped. The foliage is pale green in colour and densely hairy. 

From late summer to mid-autumn, the most interesting flowers emerge. Star shaped purple-spotted white flowers are produced singly in clusters. Many people mistake this when in flower for orchids.

The leafy, unbranched stems arch, so planting them next to something is can cascade over, such as a neighbouring shrub near the paths edge will encourage closer inspection.

This exotic yet subtle plant thrives in shade. Ensure moist, but well-drained soil in partial to deep shade. Plant in areas where they can be easily observed at a close range, as the beauty and detail of the small flowers is lost at a distance.

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