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Verbena rigida
A huge impact plant. Dazzling bright purple to magenta flowers that go on and on, providing a wave of colour to the front of the border. 60 cm

Verbena rigida


A.G.M awarded V.rigida is an upright perennial of 60 cm that can be used to huge effect from summer through to autumn.  Magnificent at the front of your border. The mass of tiny flowers produced on each flowerhead creating a band of colour. 

 The stunning flowers boast their bright purple to magenta colour on beautiful, lax flattened heads of fragrant flowers, these become more spike-like with age and will have the bees buzzing in attendance for up to 4-5 months.  

The leaves are hairy and toothed, large (8cm) and oblong shaped. They are rough to touch. 

Plant in moist, but well-drained soil in full sun. In lighter soils, they remain perennial but in heavier soils treat as an annual, they will self-seed though so you should not be without them.

Since growing these I have noted that unlike Verbena bonariensis which spreads by seed alone, these tend to spread by rhizomes,so may need somethought on planting position.



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